Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashion Friday: Teal and Coral: I have a plan bwahaha

All right. Let's talk about brown. Isn't it super? Awesome? Totally great? Okay, and boring, but so's black so we're moving on. Picture!

Brown, teal, sea green, coral, orange, gold, rust, more brown, and a touch of beige. So, this picture is me. Aren't I colorful? And intense? And slightly ominous? Hm. Maybe this isn't me, but it's probably bits, around the edges.

This is for my spring capsule, because I like planning ahead, particularly during winter when the reality is too bleak for contemplation. Particularly when everything's so green. It's confusing.

Anyone else have spring/summer inspiration breaking through the bleak midwinter?


  1. Beautiful color schemes! I love teal. I should get some!

  2. Oh yes! And it looks fabulous with purple, don't you think;) Thanks for being here!