Thursday, January 17, 2013

Theatrical Thursday: Hobbitses

The best movie of 2012 was.... (like you don't know if you read the title) HOBBITSES!!!! (Are they good to eats?)

Rapture. Divine brilliance! People running around in New Zealand in fantastic costumes! Er, I mean Middle Earth.

I loved the way that they didn't screw it up! How often do you watch a movie and they deliver a line and you're like, "Why did they do that? The writer wrote the line the right way, who decided that it wasn't good enough? Huh? Who?" and then we want to string up whoever was so shockingly presumptive. Only we don't because we're civilized people who only string up ogres and orcs. We'd string up trolls too except that we couldn't possibly lift them.

I loved their special effects, loved their casting. (Thorin, run away with me!) Loved their accurate portrayals, but most of all and especially, LOVED THE MUSIC.

I wish wish wish it wasn't so graphic and terrifyingly suspenseful or I'd bring my kids. It was so brilliantly engaging, it didn't feel at all long in spite of being quite long, and coming out of the theater in an ice storm was kind of exciting, and humming the song for the next week, and then googling it again when I forgot so it would be in my head again because that song is a good thing. I want to write an entire book that feels like that song. And Thorin. Sigh. I'm buying this movie when it comes out, maybe the soundtrack too.

Any other opinions on best for 2012?


  1. I really didn't watch too many movies in 2012, but I am excited to see this. The cinematography, scenery,costuming, and make up is so rich in these films.

  2. Mmm hmmm. The music did it for me. All men's choirs, basses in particular need to be more mainstream. I bought the soundtrack and had it on repeat for a week. Drove everyone crazy. Mmm. Perfect winter song, 'the fires were roaring in the night..." shivers.

  3. Exactly my feelings! Loved this movie, especially the music! :)

    1. I know! It didn't stay in the theaters for very long. Wish all movies were so awesome! Thanks for being here.