Friday, February 22, 2013

Homefrocks: The sorts of clothes I dream about

Hello! So, after reading overdressed I've started to think that the pantone color of the year, and the other shades are so that we can consume the latest without actually having a new 'style' which takes stuff like creativity and new patterns, manufacturing processes, etc.

So, homefrocks has the "Lagenlook" which is a style (apparently, it's kind of new to me) only instead of being a bit odd and ginormous, everything's flowing and simple, like Alabama Chanin only more variety in fiber from silk velvet (there is nothing more astonishing than silk velvet) and linens. I like that variety as well as the subtle detailing that doesn't detract from the glorious fiber.

Does anyone else have a favorite Lagenlook vendor, or is it all a little bit weird?

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