Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winter Framework.

Why are there so many more clothes necessary in winter than summer? Layers? How many pants can you layer? If there were leggings that would be a practical option. At any rate here's the list.
Winter coat
heavy wool tweed suit (I went with the suede jacket and pants instead because I couldn't find a wool tweed suit)
Gray flannel suit (this is the beigey sweater and dress slacks)
Elegant black suit
Cashmere turtleneck
cashmere tunic
cashmere sweater jacket
wool pullover
gray flannel slacks
tailored wool slacks
cashmere sweater dress
calfskin boots
snow boots
classic pumps

They add pearls and gold hoops to go with everything all the time. Very exciting wardrobe particularly when I couldn't find anything flannel. They used to make wool flannel, not so much anymore. I wonder why. I remember the first time I found that I could buy wool knit fabric. It was terribly exciting. With ready-made fashion fabric options were downsized but now with the internet, you always have access.

On the topic of fabric and excess, I mean access;) I haven't bought any fabric yet this year. I'm still backlogged on the projects I want to complete, and I don't have any space in my head or in my house for more fabric.

I think one of the problems with this as a sewing blog is the need to complete a new project every day/week, but that makes fabric consumption on par with mainstream fashion, which kind of defeats the purpose if you're interested in sustainability. That's not going to stop me from creating volumes of chef hats for atomizer's birthday party, though. It's theme is chefs and scientists. We're going to do creative cooking and hopefully things will explode. You know, you only turn six once.


  1. i always pack more in winter too! it's just that you need more clothes and they're bulkier. summer you can pack bathing suits and dresses.

  2. That's so true. Thanks for stopping by!