Thursday, September 27, 2012

Theatrical Thursdays: Zac Efron, the good, the bad and the cheesy

Zac Efron

 Bad photo, but you get the idea. This is the guy who was in High School Musical, the show that was so cheesy and ridiculous from a distance that I avoided all the stuff with him in it, but then I accidentally watched Charlie St. Cloud, (in the bathtub which I do not recommend because it has creepy water scenes which you don't need when you're in the bathtub. Shiver.) and I really liked him. So, I rented all three HIgh school musicals and had a marathon. It's true, I was fast forwarding tons of the last movie, but I got some actual entertainment out of the song and dance stuff, not a whole lot of plot, but the basketball dancers? Fabulous! Like Glee only without the annoying trops (who am I kidding? High school musical invented the trops. Anyway). So I was excited to see the new movie, the one by the Notebook guy, The Lucky One, yeah. Here he is below, a 'serious' actor.
Man. I did not like him in this movie, except when he's wrestling with the kid, he's good wrestling with kids. I was convinced the girl was totally smitten but him? He's all, 'I am so gorgeous, you can't help yourself, so I'll have pity on you and let you touch me'. Not attractive. Oh well.

So, what's the verdict? Good, bad or cheesy?

Charlie St. Cloud: Above average
Highschool musical: Actually entertaining
The Lucky One: You're lucky if you miss this one.

Anyone see anything else with Zac Efron in it?

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